Transparent Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of endpoints in your internal network.

One-Off Yearly

What's the difference?

1 - 500 Hosts

365 days of unlimited scanning.


Billed Annually

500 - 2000 Hosts

365 days of unlimited scanning.


Billed Annually

2001+ Hosts

365 days of unlimited scanning.


Billed Annually

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Request Access

Core Functionality

Unlimited Scans 14 Days 365 Days
Multi-Permission Level Scanning
Ransomware Attack Visualization
Basic Attack Analytics
Basic Risk Modeling
Basic Remediation Guidance Under Development

Support & Security

Tier 3 Technical Support (Email & Phone)
Dedicated Hosting & Tenant Isolation
Dedicated Account Manager
Data Storage 14 days 365 Days

Advanced Functionality

Ransomeware Analyst Briefings
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Risk Modeling
Advanced Remediation Guidance Under Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What does number of endpoints mean?

We price based on the size of your internal network. We use endpoints to refer to all workstations, servers, hosts, etc. in your network.

Why do you price by network size?

Each client is deployed a completely isolated and unique instance of Riskatto. If you have a larger network, we need to deploy more resources for your scans. Also, storing scan data throughout an entire year costs us more than deploying Riskatto for two weeks.

I work for a non-profit or local government organization.

Please contact us. We're happy to work with non-profits and local governments to establish a rate that fits your budget.

What's the difference between one-off and yearly plans?

The one-off plan includes two weeks of unlimited scanning. This is created for organizations that simply want a one-off snapshot of their security posture and risk related to ransomware. The yearly plan allows organizations to model their risk over time to understand how new network changes have affected their security posture. Additionally, yearly plans include access to a dedicated ransomware analyst to review their scans + brief on industry trends, tabletop exercise preparation using data from your own network, incident response preparation using data from your own network and more advanced analytics/modeling.

Talk to me about data security.

Riskatto was built by security engineers, so security was added in from the beginning, not bolted on. All of our software has been peer-reviewed by a leading offensive security firm and internally tested by the same application security engineers responsible for FortyNorth Security's penetration testing services. Additionally, all customer instances are deployed in isolated environments, so there is no possibility of cross-customer information leakage. If you'd like to delete scan data, you can do this at anytime. There is a giant red "Delete All Scan Data" button inside the application that will remove all scan records from the SQL database in your instance. We cannot recover that data.

Can I sign up for two one-off plans in a year?

Yes, but your data will be deleted from our platform after your first one-off plan. We tear down all customer Riskatto instances (one instance per customer) after the end of the plan. We do this as part of our data minimization and retention strategy. You can export a report summary prior to the end of your first one-off plan, so you could use that to manually compare the two scans. If you're interested in tracking progress over time, we recommend a yearly plan, since your data will be maintained in the application and we provide additional time-series analysis and risk modeling.

Have other questions?

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